Research says South Korean women will top highest life expectancy by 2030


A new study released on Wednesday suggests that South Korean women will break the world average life expectancy and succeed the age of 90.

The study, conducted by the Imperial College London and the World Health Organization, has been analyzing the average lifespan of genders around the world and its recent research analyzed the lifespan of men and women in 35 countries.

The life longevity research found that people’s lifespan is increasing and will continue to do so for the next 13 years with a closing gap between men and women that had previously not existed.

South Korea, Japan, Australia, Canada, Chile, UK and the US were amongst the countries factored into the study.

However, according to a professor, South Korea’s attitude towards life has increased the country’s likelihood of a longer elderly lifespan.

Majid Ezzati, a professor, told BBC, “South Korea has gotten a lot of things right. They seem to have been a more equal place and things that have benefited people – education [and] nutrition – have benefited most people.”

South Korea with almost 25 million residents is the world’s sixth leading global city, holds the world’s fourth largest economy and is the world’s seventh largest sustainable city and now holds the world’s highest life expectancy rate amongst men and women.

The country ranked ninth in 2013 for a life expectancy of 82 and fourth in 2015 for an age of 85.

The study also suggested that South Korea and France are to take the life expectancy title from Japan, who will fall down the global ranking by 2030.

Adding that Japanese women would have had the highest expectancy level but will soon drop, while Japanese men will descend from fourth place to eleventh place out of the countries considered in the study.

Published last week, the study already points to a decrease in the gap between genders with women catching up to the previous life expectancy of men.

“[Men] smoked and drank more and had more road traffic accidents and homicides, however, as lifestyles becomes more similar between men and women, so does their longevity,” said Professor Ezzati to the BBC.

By putting together 21 separate mathematical models that analyzed past trends, the research was able to make projections for the future that accepted many different factors, such as: smoking rates, medical advances and obesity patterns that all affect the life longevity of a country.

The UAE was not one factored in the study, but previous researchers suggest that the country is the fifth most obese country in the world according to a study published by a BMC Public Health Journal.

Adding that 44.5% of women in the UAE will move up the obesity rank to third place in the next three years, according to Gulf News.

“Tackling population fatness may be critical to world food security and ecological sustainability,” the research by BMC said in response to this issue being a major threat to food security in the future.

The study concluded that an adult in the UAE consumes 20% above the average 2500-2000 calorie intake that is recommended daily.

“Since I’ve been in the UAE, I haven’t really noticed any unhealthy food habits but on the contrary, I come from Italy, which is a country that heavily consumes carbs on a daily basis,” said Iva Miloshevska, a foreign exchange student at the American University in Dubai.

“I haven’t really noticed many obese women or children here yet, probably because of the vast abundance of food choices,” she added.

However, one local man living in the country begs to differ on the eating lifestyle of Emarati women,

“They strategically dress to conceal their bodies with their black abayas, so perhaps that’s why one might not come across many obese Emarati women here,” said Khalifa AlAhbabi.

“But their lifestyle and eating habits are very unhealthy and very quantity-based,” he concluded.


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