Coffee’s Ancient Job in Future Telling


Stressful family issues, long work hours and failed relationships are just the few misfortunes that many people have to come to terms with on a daily basis.

This could, however, leave many people wondering what the next step might be, leaving many to turn to options like yoga, vacations, online dating etc… in efforts of self-betterment.

However, a century old tradition has kept many traditionalists at ease by giving them a little insight into what their future might hold for them.

The future telling process is a diverse world on its own and can differ depending on the practice of the skill – it can either be through reading a regular Turkish coffee cup, looking at the palm of a hand, sensing the energies surrounding the subject or by shuffling around some tarot cards.

The art of reading coffee cups, or Tasseography as some might call it, is an aged method of fortune telling, usually practiced by older generations and is more commonly a skill passed down by a grandmother to her daughter and so on.

The century-old tradition is more common than one would think and can be found in many diverse regions in the world – Turkish, Greek, Cypriot, Armenian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, Arabic, Iranian, Azerbaijani, and Russian communities are amongst the most practiced in this field.

The process uses a simple cup of Turkish coffee as a tool of mediumistic channels between the energies of the coffee drinker and the coffee reader – it starts simply by drinking the coffee and leaving some coffee grounds behind.

After drinking most of the liquid in the coffee, one must cover the cup with the upside-down saucer and then swirl it three times and by setting the cup aside for a short amount of time, shapes and figures start taking form within the remaining coffee residue.

Most have associated this traditional technique with a religious tradition or an artistic format; for the practitioner it’s a method of storytelling and a chance for the coffee drinker to par-take in the process – this is due to the shapes that show themselves after the cup has been set aside.

According to the website Coffee cup readings online; lines, triangles, smudges, dots, letters and symbols, especially on their location inside or around the cup all have different interpretations and can be defined differently for each person.

Though generally, examples of a few might include: a triangle that might signify a life change, a circle might mean a life accomplishment and a star might mean an investment.

While for some, the images seen are shapes to be interpreted, for others its actual letters of a name, a personality characteristic or a meaningful symbol.

“When I got my coffee cup read for the first time, I wasn’t expecting to be put into a surreal situation of having someone who was a complete stranger tell me things about me and my family that only I knew about at the time,” said Fatma Khademi, a previous student at the American University in Dubai.

“She told me that someone in my family was expecting twins and I don’t know how she could have known because my uncle and his wife had been trying for so long and we didn’t tell anyone as to not jinx the conception,” she added.

For many religions and cultures, the practice of this method can differ greatly – for some it’s the simplest concoction of Turkish coffee while for others the preparation is an art form in itself.

For the practitioners of Sufism, the process first started as a means of meditation and consisted of grinding up fresh coffee cherries, boiling them in water and drinking them during the night to extend their prayers and meditations.

What might have once started as a meditation tool, Tasseography is now a cultural tradition and practiced by many as a means of entertainment and an artistic medium of storytelling.

However, the UAE rejects relations to any fortune-telling practice as Dubai police deem it “stranger and illegal.”

They had also warned against frauds disguising themselves as psychics, tarot readers and palm readers who claimed to see the “future” for some and were deceiving people out of a lot of money back in 2015 with some ranking in almost 75,000 DHS, according to 7Days.

An Iranian source that spoke under the condition of anonymity said, “I don’t read coffee cups for business, I just read the cups of my friends and my daughter’s friends and I never accept money.”

“I read cups because my grandmother taught me and it’s an old tradition practiced in my family so to me the practice should never be a business – it holds greater values than what money can offer.”

However one might deal with stressful or happy issues, going to a fortune-teller should never be a life changing decision according to the source, “you never know what their intentions are or how they acquired the information. So you need to be extra careful by going to someone you trust and feel comfortable discussing your life with.”

“Besides no coffee reader can actually predict the future,” she added.

So the next time you sip on your cup of coffee, keep an eye out for any symbols that might appear and maybe you can decipher your own future. Because who else is better fit at telling your future than yourself?






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