Breaking the norms with a “Breaking Bad” inspired Café


New news for any Walter White fans, a Breaking Bad coffee shop has made its way to Dubai’s largest mall and was inspired by the award-winning TV series.

Walter’s Coffee Roastery, which opened last month in Dubai mall, is one of the many crazy coffee shops one would find in the city and is the first coffee shop to be modeled solely after a TV series.

The roastery is modeled after the extreme life of Walter White, a Chemistry teacher with stage 3 Terminal Lung Cancer, who turns to a life of crime to make and distribute his unique form of crystal meth in order to financially support his family.

The coffee shop is already a hit in New York and Istanbul due to its unique methods of coffee making – they turn regular coffee orders into a chemistry project in a meth-themed science lab.

The Dubai mall is the first UAE-based location of the coffee shop. This is not all surprising, as it is one of the largest malls found in the region and provides an endless variety of customers due to Dubai’s tourist-based atmosphere.

The waiters are dressed in hazmat suits, staying true to the show’s overall theme and as a tribute to the role of Walter White as a drug chemist.

Highly decorated as a chemistry lab with a periodic table inspired menu, beakers, flasks and vials as the shop’s serving cups and resonating metallic and yellow decorations, all of which aid Waler’s Coffee Roastery in providing the customer with the realest experience they can provide while maintaining a non-threatening ambiance.

Coffee is not only their specialty, the Roastery’s pancakes have also gone viral as they are sugar-ly dusted and imprinted with Walter’s iconic bald head and mustache-d face.

Deniz Kosan, CEO and founder of the Breaking Bad inspired coffee shop, told What’s on, “We take coffee seriously – it’s a magical commodity.”

The coffee shop has an average spend of 100 DHS with menu items ranging from the common Flat white, Americano and Espresso to Dirty Chai, Chemex and LemonBrew – the drink’s names are designed to be the Symbol and the prices to be the atomic number of the “chemical” drinks found on the periodic table in the shop.

“The coffee was really good, the overall experience was great and the staff was really friendly,” said Alara Dural, a customer at Walter’s Coffee Roastery.

However, she added that the concept in their Dubai branch was different than the one she had visited in Turkey because the customers actually get to go inside the brewing machines in Istanbul.

Whether you are a fan of the show, Walter White or just enjoy an exotic cup of coffee, Walter’s Coffee Roastery might just get you hooked.





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