The 8 Different Types of People You’ll Meet Working at a Bar

While attending AUB this summer, I was casually passing by a pub in Hamra when a “we are hiring” sign got my attention. I have always been extremely curious as to what the experience of working in a bar would be like because we have all been on the receiving end but what would happen if we turned the tables around? For me it was gaining an experience while also conducting some research and I ended up working at Neighbor’s Pub for about 3 months. While it was an unforgettable experience, because I had met so many different people I have become more or less an expert in giving a crash course of the pub-bers you will probably see (or you might find yourself belonging to one of these types haha.)

Starting the list would be: 1. The Regular; they come to the bar at the same time every single day and order the same drink (I sometimes wonder if they actually put an alarm to remind them of their daily drink.)

giphy (4)

  1. The Happy Hour Fanatics; these are the people who literally will not come a second late and will not leave a second early without ordering everything off of the menu.giphy (1)
  2. The Beer Infatuated; these are the people who always order beer whether it’s during the afternoon on a weekday or at night on a crazy weekend (and have no problem chugging 6+ beers in less than an hour.)ngTvfVQ
  3. The person who still wants to drink 5 minutes before closing; this is the person who comes in late at night and orders a couple of drinks, one of which must be a couple of minutes before closing in hopes that being rebellious will make the drink taste better.aqueenisneverlate
  4. The one getting a hangover; these are the people who come planning to spend their money solely on alcohol. Their only interest is to get hammered as soon as possible.giphy
  5. The Fussy Drinker; no drink is ever good enough for this person they always want to add something or have something removed and they never know what they want.tumblr_m9qmp5sIog1rfthx4o1_500(Can we just take a moment and stare at Ryan Reynolds *drool*)
  6. The Couple; they come in, order a drink (that they never finish,) choose an area in a corner and will just stargaze into each other’s eyes (or use their phone.)

    giphy (2)
    (Imagine that but like less cute)

Saving the best for last is 8. The Jiddo; you would think it would be a sweet old man that orders a drink, sits at the bar and keeps to himself, right? But the Grandpa at Neighbor’s is a DJ who comes in at 1 AM every Friday and turns the place upside down, transforming it into some kind of nightclub.

giphy (3)
Nevertheless, I have met so many great people there and working in a bar has honestly changed my perspective on the service industry (and has made me a better customer too!) So to whoever is planning to work at a bar, good luck and just have fun with it!


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