Life Happens


Dear readers,

I would just like to clarify the reason to why I’ve ben MIA lately. I didn’t want to write about whatever was on my mind unless I was giving it 100% and more. I had so many factors affecting my state of mind during the past couple of months; people and things that I’ve just started to realise are so insignificant to my life and my future.

We all go through a tough period, and the reason that I’m writing this is inform whoever might be in this rut that it’s okay. A lot of things occupy our minds everyday and it’s O.K. if some conquer the others entirely. So, my darlings, just take as much time as you need, reassess everything that is starting to become an anchor to your life and jump right back into the game. No biggie, I swear. =)

I promise many more posts to come, so stay tuned! =)

Much love,