Bait is an Arabic word which means home or house. Many people over the years have adapted to some specific sayings, which might be a little bit cliché and over used but are actually true. Examples of those saying are: “Home is where the heart is.” or “When I’m with you, it feel like home.” A lot of people, like myself, have always rolled their eyes when a fellow acquaintance proudly announces them. However, I never really understood their meaning up until a while ago. Bait or home (I prefer ‘home’ because it has more of a sentimental meaning to it than ‘house’) is a place where you most feel at ease or comfortable. It’s a place where whenever you are outside and you feel tired or upset, you subconsciously think to yourself “I want to go home.” To some of those people home is either the tangible aspect, which is the concrete block, the nostalgic aspect, which is the memories that they’ve built and shared, or the sentimental aspect, which is where their family and friends are. Everyone, in one way or another, has gone through either one or all of those aspects during a challenging period of their life. So my advise to anyone who is finding trouble with their bait is to make it your home for now; make memories, get accustomed to the building, and stay in touch with your family members. In the end, you will be surprised at how many “homes” a person can have.


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