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We can all agree that being a girl is not easy. It comes with so many responsibilities towards how we should present ourselves. Not only do we have to follow society’s book of “how to behave like a woman” but we also have to go through the most outrageous fashion trends that might or might not suit the various different body types women have. 

Attending AUB has certainly shown me that the amount of outfits you have matters more than your GPA. I am not generalising nor stereotyping because there are obviously really good-looking smart women attending the university (they wouldn’t have gotten in to begin with if that wasn’t the case). However, I am speaking about the majority that I see hanging in front of the cafeteria and smoking areas (total scene out of a typical high school movie.) But I am pretty sure that some of the girls here literally wake up 2-3 hours before their day starts just to choose an outfit. And not just any outfit, one that should say “I-threw-this-on-effortlessly-and-I-want-you-to-notice-how-good-I-know-I-look!”
I’ve seen all shapes and sizes, all colours and styles, and all heights try to pull off the same look; the baggy/tight ripped jeans, skin-tight tank top, a jersey and most importantly CONVERSE (I can finally say I’ve seen every colour of the existent rainbow.) Just to clarify, I am not hating on what I’ve seen. I do also put an effort in how I look. But the difference, I think, would be that I do it for ME because it makes me feel better about myself as opposed for what other people think. Anyway, I’ll leave this argument for another post, so stay updated!

Moving on, another detail that most girls have to consider every time they leave their houses are their nails and whether or not they’ve got the right summer or winter colour on. Doing your nails is a way to unwind and relax when you’ve had a tough day (or if you’re just in the mood to make your fingers look pretty).
There are so many different colours to choose from but don’t worry I’ve got your back ;). 

Here we go:

1. Rouge: this is the most abundant colour because it can enhance any outfit. You can dress it down with jeans and a t-shirt or dress it up with your LBD (little black dress) and a fabulous ring. 


2. Tiffany Blue: This one of my favourite colours because it looks so fresh and carefree. You can also play around with it and add glitter or crystals to one or all fingers as a top coat. 


3. Marshmallow: White. White. White eryyyything. This is a good colour when you’re feeling innocent and have hidden your inner rebel deep inside (for now).
*If you’re one of those extremely lucky girls that are naturally born with a golden tan (or just abuse the beach, tanning bed and spray tans) then this colour would enhance your tan even more.  

Image4. The Classic French: This is the most sophisticated style you can choose. It shows a more feminine and classic side than the rest of the looks.
*I only use this style when I have an occasion. (makes it that more special)


5. The two-way Black: Black is such a hard colour to pull off just because there’s a fine line of it appearing classic and it appearing like you switched hands with a witch.

+ Black looks best with short nails. You can also dress it up by applying a layer of glitter or a design on one or more of your fingers. 





+ However, If you want to unleash your inner alter-ego, go for a long and dark look. Just prepare yourself for the mixed opinions about their appearance. 



6. SHINY Metallic: Finally we come to my favvvvvvourite colour right now! It’s a metallic colour called “For the Twill of it”. Such a must to try because it’s different and interesting in comparison to the rest. *And a bonus: It goes with everything!! 



*Ill be posting another blog entry about DIY ways of taking care of your nails at home!*

** 1. If you are living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates I would suggest going to a place I regularly go to called “Tips & Toes”

Location/Tel: Springs & Meadows Town Centre / (+9714-3619393)

2. If you are living in Beirut, Lebanon I would suggest a place called “Flawless”. The prices are really good compared to the service you are getting. They also give a discount to AUB students, so don’t forget to show them your I.D card. 
Location/Tel: Hamra near Costa / (+961-10345108) 



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