Halloween Is Around The Corner!

Dear readers,

AHHHH! Halloween is in 5 days!
So basically it’s the only night that you can unleash your inner child by dressing up in costumes. Not only can you get free candy by trick-or-treating but you can also party till the sun comes out and enjoy your time with your fellow Halloween-ers. And since Halloween is just around the corner, I thought I’d share a couple of costume ideas incase you’ve been indecisive about what to be this year. I find it easier to make your own costume from your closet because buying your own is sometimes too pricey for an outfit that will be worn for only one day (unless you can rent some, then go ahead!) It’s easiest when you build a costume around a piece (mask, headband, wand, face paint…)

Here we go:

1. PlayBoy Bunny (2011): This is any girl’s go-to costume because you can just build the entire outfit on your own, all you need are the bunny ears! (You can dress it up or down depending on how “wild” you are feeling that night. Hahaha.)


2. Minnie Mouse (2012): Same idea as before.

“Minnie” Me (far right): Entire outfit is based on the ears.
“Show Girl” Sogand (middle): Entire outfit is based on props.
“Pirate” Dorsa (far left): Store bought costume.


3. Jasmine (2013): Store bought costume. But so do-able at home!


4. SuperWoman (2013): Store bought costume.


5. Red Riding Hood (2013): Store bought costume. A great DIY project.




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