Music ♫

Music Notes

Dear readers,

Has your mood ever switched 180 degrees when listening to that one song? That one song that can make or break your day, whether it’s rap, heavy metal, indie, or house, whatever the genre is; music is still music. How you may ask?

Well, to me, music is everything. It helps make my day brighter, my tasks easier, my cleaning to go much smoother, my getting ready to be much more amusing and the list can go on. To some people it helps sooth their mental state by taking them to a place that no one has ever been to; their own little bubble where everything is to their liking. Also, music has been influential in history, artists and bands like: Michael Jackson, The Beatles, The Backstreet Boys and so many more have all changed what it means to be a “singer” and a “performer”. They shaped the industry in the sense that every person knows at least one or two of their songs; therefore they are music icons.

Whatever that one song is, be sure that there is someone out there that also has it saved as his or her favorite. Because at the end of the day, music is a universal language that everyone understands.

♩        ♪         ♫            ♭        ♮       ♩     ♪     ♫


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