My Skip


Skip in my vocabulary has 3 meanings: The first is the verb ‘to skip’ something, meaning to move on from it, the second is the noun which means a large garbage can, and finally, the third and most important is the name of my dog. My dog, Skip, was found at a very young age (approximately 2 months olds) in a skip; hence the name choice. He, along with his sister Trash, were abandoned and left to die with no water or food. Someone, thank fully, was passing by one day when they reported dogs crying out for help which was when the Peta organization in Dubai came and saved them both. Meanwhile a month before, I had just convinced my parents to adopt a puppy and decided to go in a month’s time. Going to the animal shelter was a whole new experience for me because I could not believe the stories I was hearing about how cruel some people could be towards animals. Some of the stories had a happy ending and others, sadly, didn’t. However, when I first laid my eyes on Skip, I fell in love with him because you could instantly tell he was kind-hearted and so grateful to be alive. 9 years later, Skip is one of the family members rather than a pet.


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