The Jbeil


When living in a city, people tend to appreciate the nature around them when they visit countries like Lebanon. Traffic, noise, air pollution, and crowdedness are all examples of things they would definitely find in any city let alone Beirut. However, I had the privilege of leaving Beirut and going up to the Jbeil (or mountains) for a quick road trip last week and it was extremely refreshing. I got to go hiking on an amateur but considerably big mountain. I also got the chance to have my breath taken away by the spectacular scenery that some people often take for granted. The best part of it was that I got to see the famous castle and the details that went into building such an artifact; basically getting a sense of the lifestyle that the Lebanese people had in the past centuries. This hopefully will not be my only road trip. I will definitely make it a mission of mine to explore more of the breath-taking country of Lebanon and unlock its rich history.


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